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My friend stopped by my place with some leftover churros he had made for his daughter’s birthday party. I was beyond excited to try this fabled treat of his, and from that first bite, I knew he had something people would like to eat. When I told him between hurried bites that he should open his place, an awkward silence welled up and stifled our smiles. My friend did not have access to the needed resources for such an endeavor’s staggering overhead costs. His silence has haunted me since, mainly because I was once in his shoes. Indeed, the American dream is still relevant! There needed to be a way to connect local cooks to consumers interested in his fantastic food. In our kitchen at Muju International Groceries, we let people use and sell their authentic, delicious, and unique cultural foods, especially refugee and immigrant grandmothers and mothers from different cultures. Not just bellies were filled, but hearts and the community were strengthened. After successfully running this kitchen for a year and serving thousands of meals, my co-founder, Aayushi, and I developed an app, Chula, a local cook-to-consumer connection segment in the online local food marketplace. Through this platform, local cooks like my friend Jose, can connect with local users and share their homemade meals for a monetary gift without facing mind-boggling upstart and overhead costs. A changing generation wants more than the food- to know an individual, share their culture, and become part of their success story- can directly gift local cooks for their homemade meals.

Local users, cooks and farmers will create a local system for healthy, fresh, and sustainable food.

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Chula is a local cook-to-consumer platform where local users, cooks and farmers who have problems connecting, listing, ordering, and processing payment can now do all of that on our app, Chula.

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How does it work?

Chula is a cost-free platform where local farmers and cooks can list their fresh produce and homemade meals, establishing a direct connection with consumers.


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